Parker Towing Barging

To continue bringing you reliable, cost-effective transportation services, we keep our fleet operating at maximum efficiency. Mobile Shipbuilding, Inc. in Mobile, Alabama features a wide range of boat and barge repair services.

Mobile Shipbuilding and Repair
1920 Cut Off Road
P.O. Box 2964
Mobile, AL 36652
President: William H. (Bill) Yost
Superintendent: Isom P. (Buster) Waite
Office Manager: Sandy Plaisance
T: 251-456-1880
F: 251-456-1910

Parker Towing Company, Inc.

At a glance...

Parker Towing Company is a Certified Member of The American Waterways Operators: Responsible Carrier Program
Tim Parker purchased his first boat, a sternwheel steamboat named the Heloise, in 1940.
Today, Parker Towing has grown into one of the largest barge lines in the Southeast, launching the region's most powerful fleet of towboats.