Parker Towing is one of the leading carriers on the inland river system. We have experience and skilled personnel dedicated to customer service and quality performance. Our size, combined with our extensive area of operations, allows Parker Towing to provide efficient, flexible, and most importantly, reliable barging services. We are keenly aware of the competitive pressures our customers face in today's global marketplace. By utilizing internal and external quality process systems, we are able to offer competitive rates throughout the inland river and gulf inter-coastal waterway system while maintaining the highest levels of service.



Our goal is always zero injuries. On-going training, employee ownership in the process, innovative programs, and management commitment continue to make Parker Towing one of the safest barge lines in the world. We take pride in our commitment to safety, which protects our employees, customers, vendors, and the communities through which we operate. By managing, and, where possible, eliminating workplace hazards, we will work toward a goal of ZERO injuries and serious incidents at each vessel and at each facility.

Our towboats are equipped with the latest available navigational systems. We've pioneered the use of electronic charting systems using Differential Global Positioning Systems and radar integration technology. This provides our experienced captains and pilots with the information they need to plot the best and safest routes for our towboats. Our skilled and experienced associates are committed to getting the job done right. We are determined to deliver on time and we take responsibility for the environment very seriously. We pride ourselves on moving freight faster, better and safer than any other barge line.