Liquid Division


Liquid Fleet - Parker operates a fleet of 30,000 BBL Tank barges for the movement of asphalt, petrochemicals, refined products, black oil products, and agricultural chemicals on the inland waterway system. Drawing upon its barge fleet, Parker Towing is positioned to handle a broad universe of cargoes from and to almost any point in the inland waterway system. Parker Towing offers consistent transit times and excellent frequency. Our barge and towboat fleet allows us to provide our customers with maximum flexibility to meet schedule or delivery changes system-wide.

Tank Barge Strapping Tables

GMS 950

GMS 951

GMS 953

GMS 954

GMS 955

GMS 956

HFL 400

HFL 437

HFL 439

HFL 500

PTC 1401

PTC 1601

PTC 1602