Ports and Terminals


Parker Towing's expertise extends far beyond the transportation of bulk commodities. Shippers can also depend on Parker's terminals for the efficient intermodal transfer of their commodities. Parker Towing operates the following ports:


Port of Decatur - Decatur, AL
Birmingham Marine Terminal - Birmingham, AL
Tuscaloosa County Riverport - Northport, AL
Pickens County Port - Pickensville, AL
Centre South Port - Chattanooga, TN
Mobile Barge Terminal - Mobile, AL
Nashville Marine Terminal - Ashland City, TN

Follow link for more information on our Ports: https://simplebooklet.com/parkertowingbooklet

At Parker Towing, quality is defined as meeting or exceeding customer needs and requirements. Parker Towing is committed to continuously improve its service in order to better meet the needs and requirements of its customers and to improve the management of the company.

Contact our sales division for inquiries on how Parker Towing can assist you with the handling of your cargo. 



Ports and Terminals Sales Contacts

Grady Coble
VP Terminal Services
T: 205-391-1125
F: 205-758-0061
E-mail: gcoble@parkertowing.com

Leif Lacey
Port and Terminal Sales Manager
O: 205-391-1115
C: 205-792-0092
F: 205-758-0061
E-Mail: llacey@parkertowing.com

Dan Benken
Director of Port and Barge Line Services
O: 205-391-1139
C: 205-331-3298
F: 205-758-0061
E-Mail: dbenken@parkertowing.com