Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department is responsible for several critical functions that include company safety, training, human resources, U.S. Coast Guard compliance and crew dispatching. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service to all of our employees while assisting in providing them with a safe and healthy work environment.


Chris Bushhorn (VP of Admin Services) - Beverly Smith (Office Manager) - Donna Rubio (Executive Administrative Assistant) - Khouri Spencer (HR Manager) - Amanda Tallant (Port Captain) - Chris Lanoux (Compliance Manager) - Doug Corey (Safety and Training Manager)


Parker Towing Company, Inc. recognizes the value of a well-trained committed work force. Maintaining its excellent reputation in the marine industry requires the very best in equipment, management and personnel. Our people are our most important asset in developing the customer oriented service necessary to succeed in today's economic environment. Personnel are taught the necessity of "team work" as a crewmember while allowing for personal development and the opportunity for advancement. Parker Towing Company's success is a reflection of its employees' ability and desire to provide the very best in safe, dependable and cost effective transportation services to our customers.

Working on an Inland Towboat is not your usual "9 to 5" job. It involves working with people of varying responsibilities, skills and backgrounds. Captains and pilots are responsible for the overall operation of the boat. They not only have the skills needed to navigate a vessel and barges on the waterways but also act as the direct supervisor of all crewmembers. Engineers are the mechanics of the vessel. They maintain and conduct minor repairs on the engines and other systems while also performing additional duties assigned to them by the Captain. The job of a deckhand is physically and mentally demanding. It is necessary to move and use heavy wires, ratchets and other rigging needed to assemble a series of barges together into tows. Deckhands are responsible for keeping the towboat and barges clean and safe. Deckhands must learn a variety of skills such as line handling for securing tows, locking operations and tying off vessels and barges at fleets and at docks. Crewmembers work 20 days on the boats and then get 10 days off. During their 20 schedule, they stay on the boat, eating, sleeping and living in close quarters with the other crewmembers.

In order to attract and retain good employees Parker Towing Company, Inc. has developed one of the best pay and benefit programs in our industry and region. Along with a very competitive wage and bonus package, Parker Towing Company, Inc. offers eligible employees a 401(k) saving plan with company match, a profit sharing plan, health and dental coverage for the employee and dependents, life insurance, long term disability insurance and an employee assistance program that provides counseling services for employees and their family members.

For more information on career opportunities at Parker Towing Company, Inc. come by our office at 1001 3rd Street, Northport, AL 35476 or call our personnel department at (205) 391-1100.